Class Rep Elections Are Now Open!


Class Reps are the largest group of volunteers in DIT.  Your involvement can make a massive difference in DIT, and you form the basis of the democracy of our Union in DITSU. So what is a class rep? What makes them so important? How do you run?!

Well, you can find out below!

Every year, at least 500 class reps are democratically elected by their class with the help of the officers in DITSU.

Fill out the nomination form here.

What is involved?

Your role includes:

  • Being a link to your class, your lecturers and with DITSU
  • Collecting feedback from your class
  • Bringing this feedback to DIT and DITSU and help to make the changes your class wants to see

Is it Hard Work?

No! All you need to do is collect feedback and bring it to people who can change things.

  • You attend one class rep meeting a month on your campus to discuss issues and meet other reps
  • You go to one Programme Committee every semester with other reps, and make changes to your course

What Kind of Things Can I Change?

There are loads of opportunities for class reps to help make changes your class you all want to see.

Changes include:

  • Extending assessment deadlines
  • Timetable changes
  • Improvement of facilities
  • Course content

 What’s In it for Me??? 

  • FREE training from DITSU
  • You are supported throughout the year for your role
  • Make valuable connections with your lecturing staff
  • Practice skills such as communication, negotiation, and leadership
  • Plenty of freebies throughout the year
  • An Award Ceremony at the End of the Year to recognise your work!

Sounds Great! How Do I Run for Election?

The nomination form is here.

Please fill this out, and in the next few weeks one of the DITSU officers will come to your class and will carry out the election.

Best of luck!

We look forward to meeting you this year – DITSU needs you to make a difference in DIT!

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