Where are all the microwaves gone?



A Student Council Motion was passed on 24th April 2017 to mandate me, your VP Welfare and College Officers to lobby the DIT to provide appropriate microwave/appliances for student use. Providing these applainces is not enough, DIT must also agree to maintain and service these facilities.

Why were they removed?

DITSU has provided microwaves in common areas across DIT campuses for the last number of years. Unfortunately, during this time there have been numerous and ongoing issues with the microwaves (problems with hygiene, allergen control and not to mention the microwaves as a fire hazard). We finally made the decision to remove them during the summer of 2018 due to these concerns. We recognise that this is necessary and basic facility that should be made available to every student, we also strongly believe that DIT with their resources should supply and maintain these for their students.

Why should DIT provide microwaves for students and staff to use?

Student feedback collected has consistently noted the necessity for students to access hot water, microwaves and fridge facilities within DIT.

Research from TSEP (2017), The Student Engagement Partnership in the UK Higher Sector identified that, many students who are commuting also bring their own food, for financial/other reasons; these students need access to microwaves. The recommendations from TSEP (2017), which have been adopted in many UK universities, now provide common areas within the college/s, where kettle/microwave and fridges are accessible for students to use.

So what happens now?

All microwaves have been removed from DITSU common rooms. We are working to ensure that DIT commit to providing the funding and resources in order to safe and appropriate microwave facilities for students and staff to use.

We are working in the background to help make this basic facility a reality for DIT students. Keep an eye out on our social media channels, especially ditsu news to hear about any updates about this.


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