Your first week in College – What You Need to Know


Welcome to DIT! There is going to be so much going on in your first year. At times it’s going to be hard to take it all in. Here is a handy guide of surviving your first week, and how to make the most of it.

  1. Go to your Orientation in the first week

Your orientation is designed to help you get settled in a smoothly as possible into DIT. There, you will have loads of presentations from people such as

DIT Aungier Street – you’ll pick up your ID card here
  • Campus Life (which includes services such as the health centre and counselling)
  • Us! You’re students’ union – you’ll be meeting your full-time and part-time officers for the year.

Your orientation will be absolutely jam-packed with information. Don’t worry if you don’t take it all in! There is information available everywhere, including on your campuses and the websites of and ?.

  1. Know who your year tutor is!

You should know who your year tutor is for your course – they are your first point of contact with any academic issues. Ask your lecturers and make sure you have their emails just in case. If you can’t find out who your year tutor is, contact me at .

  1. Lectures are very different to secondary school classes

It’s going to take some getting used to. Lecturers use their time very differently and have different expectations for their students. Make sure to ask questions if you don’t understand something – it’s important.  It can be intimidating but chances are if you don’t something someone else doesn’t either. Turn up on time and bring everything you need to set a good first impression. The lecturers are really important for you and your class – get to know them and don’t be shy!

  1. Get access to your timetable

Your timetable will be your guide for the year – this should be given to you in your first week. Sometimes classes have real difficulty with their timetables, from getting access to them to having lectures that overlap. It doesn’t happen often but if it does you should contact the DITSU Student Advisor at, or pop into your local DITSU office.

and speaking of DITSU Offices –

  1. Locate your local DITSU Office!

Your local DITSU office can be a small haven from the hectic first week at DITSU. You can drop in any time during the day and chat to one of the Student Advisors who are there to help. You can speak to them about:

  • Education or Welfare issues you may have – it is an entirely FREE and confidential service!
  • Free condoms!
  • Emergency menstrual stuff (tampons and pads).
  • Buy a ticket to an upcoming DITSU event!
  1. Check out our Freshers Festival!

Our world-famous Freshers Festival is coming in September! It is a massive highlight of the year and something you definitely don’t want to miss. Check out our social media to find out what’s going on – you should buy tickets quickly because they will sell out. It’s a savage line-up this year for our massive Freshers Ball in the Academy – you better start getting excited for it now!

  1. Run for Class Rep!

We all spend thousands of euro every year on our education in DIT, and I think we should

Class Rep Training

all be getting out money’s worth and make sure it reaches the quality we all expect from the college. If you want to lead the way and be the voice for your class, you should run for class rep! Your DITSU College Officer will be in your class to tell you more about it – contact me at with questions!

  1. Join some Clubs & Societies!

Clubs and societies are a massive part of college life here in DIT – you should make the most of your experience here, and make sure you don’t just go to lectures and go straight home again! There is a socs and clubs festival held every year on every campus – follow their Facebook pages to find out more! @DITSocietiesOffice @DITsports.

  1. Relax!

This is just a short guide to getting settled in in your first week – it will take time to get used to all the new stuff that will be happening throughout your time here. Make sure to keep some free time just for yourself – we don’t want you to burn out in your first year! Don’t be too hard on yourself either – it all took us ages to fall into a routine that suits us. As always, DITSU are here if you need anything – our offices are in the basement in Aungier street, but you will surely see us bopping around your campus soon!

From the Editor: if you’re looking for accommodation, check out Roisin’s article here.

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