How to Support Someone Coming Out as Transgender


Coming out as transgender can be scary for the person coming out, and also for the people you’re coming out to. Believe it or not it can be a big deal for everyone.

There are many ways in which you can support someone who is coming out as transgender, here are some key points:


1. Listen

Listen to what they’re telling you because it could have taken them the longest time to gain the confidence to say it. Let them talk and give them time.

2. Be Respectful and understanding

The simplest of support is the most effective, such as using the correct name and pronouns even if it makes you uncomfortable, the person coming out will also be getting used to hearing it. Be respectful of the name/pronouns they’ve have asked you to use. It’s okay if you make a mistake or forget their new name/pronoun.

It’s most important and greatly appreciated that you make an effort.

There’s no special treatment needed if a pal has come out to you, if anything be more understanding of why they may feel off some days or help them out of their comfort zone by attending events, going shopping or even parties with them as their new improved self.

3. Stay calm

Even though you may feel like you’re ‘losing your child/friend’ just remember they are the same person! Just physically/mentally changing for the better. They need your support because they may have no one else to talk to about it.

4. Educate yourself

Ask them for links to videos, websites, leaflets or to talk to someone who is already out. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just remember some questions can be too much, so think to yourself  ‘would you like someone to ask you that question’. For example, you wouldn’t like to be asked about what’s inside your pants.

5. Attend the Transgender protest on Saturday 7th July

On Saturday, July 7th. 15:00 the LGBTQ+ Society along with the DIT Students’ Union will be meeting at Merrion Sq West. We will be protesting to insist on:

– Adequate, safe and efficient access to healthcare for transgender peoples in Ireland.

– To enforce the implementation of the international best practice standards of care model.

– To implement the already promised changes, funding and recruitment in the area of transgender healthcare.

– Protesting for GP education rolled out nationwide. And wider/more comprehensive surgery options made available in Ireland.


Everyone is welcome and it would be great to see you there supporting transgender rights. As you can see there are lots of ways that you can be supportive. Every kind gesture is appreciated, big or small.

LGBTQ+ Society xo

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