How you can get involved in Pride 2018


Purchasing Merchandise

Rainbows are all in for Pride this year (and every year, I mean they are timeless), but if you’re worried about where your funds are going and want to avoid the corporate cash grab elements of Pride you should head over to these places in Dublin:

All marked Pride products, 20% of the proceeds will go to the Stonewall charity, which is one of the UK’s biggest LGBTQ charities leading the way in creating an accepting world for everyone. The marked products include shirts, fanny packs, sliders, caps, glitter and most importantly, flags!

The Official Pride shop on Clarendon St.
Dublin LGBTQ Pride has officially opened their new pop-up shop on Clarendon Street where the profits of everything sold is going to Dublin Pride. You can find a larger array of apparel and different flags (if you wish to represent a specific group within the community).

Cards Against Humanity
Have released a Pride Pack for just €5 in honour of the occasion in which all proceeds are going to the Howard Brown Health non-profit, a group working in the US to combat healthcare disparities experienced by LGBT people in the US.

These are just some things that caught our eye, so be sure to shop around and try to support causes you believe in!

Walk in the Parade

The parade will be departing Stephen’s Green South at 2pm sharp. However, there will be speeches ongoing from the starting point from 12. The DIT LGBTQ Soc will be meeting at 12:30 pm for Vogue Off with DCU to get us all in the mood!

The dress code for the parade is whatever you feel comfortable, that’s the important thing! For more details about those who are talking at the event and for an official list of the after parties pop on over to for further details on all of the events taking place this year.

The Pride Flag

Put a flag up in your work / home to show support and keep it there all year. Pride has changed a whole lot since its inception on June 28, 1970. Back then it was a literal riot against oppressive police and governmental systems, however nowadays it has evolved into more of a festival of love and acceptance. Now we use Pride as a way to be visible, for those who can’t or don’t want to, come out.

However, while I would always encourage people to be proud of who they are and to be visible, it’s not always possible, so for those who wish to support others try putting up a flag/ sticker in your home/ work. This is a great way to up visibility and to show that a household or business is a safe place for Queer people and promote an accepting environment, but as with everything, only if it is safe for you to do so.

Staying safe on the day

Well, now that you’re all glammed up and ready for the parade it’s time for some safety tips to get you through the day in one piece.

1. Stay with friends
Make sure you keep your friends close and have a way to keep in touch on the day.

2. Pace yourself
Yes, Pride has become somewhat of a party in recent years and many people use it as one of the biggest nights out for the year, if you plan to join in on this tradition make sure you pace yourself and know your limits, and definitely don’t forget to eat.

3. Don’t go to unfamiliar places alone
If you’ve lost your friends and found some new people,just make sure you don’t go places you don’t recognise without friends.

4. Watch what you drink
As with all of these points this applies to nights out in general, don’t leave your drink unattended and don’t accept drinks from that you haven’t seen being made by the bartender.

Happy Pride 2018!

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