Am I Registered and Where Do I Vote?


So, you’ve filled in the RFA2 form, or the RAF7 form or whatever the hell it’s called and now you’re registered. Are you sure? Are you 100% sure? Well here’s how to find out!

Step 1. Figure out when you originally registered. If it was around February 2018 or before, you could be on the Edited Electorate online.

Step 2. So head to and fill in all your details and if you show up like this, then you’re registered.


Step 3. So, you checked the online register and you’re not there, BUT you definitely registered. Even if you’ve been registered for years, sometimes the site can wipe you clean of the system.

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The edited electorate online hasn’t been update since the 15th of February, so if you registered after that date, you will not show up online.

Now you have to call your local County Council to double check your form went through. Below are a list of all the County Councils and their phone numbers. Give your local council a quick buzz and ask for the Register of Electors and they will pass you on where they will ask for your details.

County Councils

City Councils

City and County Councils

Step 4. They tell you on the phone that you’re registered, AMAZING!


You’re all ready to go VOTE! Remember to bring your polling card and a form of ID with you on the 25th May, and if your polling card doesn’t arrive, just bring your ID like a passport to your local polling station.

If your County Council can’t find your details, then unfortunately you’re not registered. Even if you did send off your form in time, there’s always human error.

Make sure to get registered even if it’s not in time for this referendum, because your voice matters in every single thing we vote on in this country.

So get out there on the 25th May and use your voice and your vote! This referendum is one of a life time and every single vote counts!

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