Register to Vote TODAY!

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DITSU registered 400 students in 4 hours on Monday, 1st May, bringing us to a total of nearly 2,000 students students registered to vote!

Don’t worry – you can still register to vote! You have until 8th May to get your form to your Local County Council.

Here is what you need to do asap:

  1. Fill out the RFA2 Form.You must get this stamped by your local garda station (all info is on the form).
  2. Send this off to your Local County Council.You need to write Register of Electors on the envelope and then the post will be free, so no need to buy a stamp. This form will put you onto the supplementary register.
  3. Check to see if you’re on the supplementary register. Do this by calling your County Council in a week or so after you send off your form to see if you’re on it.

It’s crucial that as a student you have your voice heard in national issues that concern you. has all the information about deadlines and forms.


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