What’s New in the 2018/19 Academic Calendar


The DIT 2018/19 Academic Calendar has just been published and is available to view here. This highly anticipated calendar went through many discussions and revisions before being formally accepted at Academic Council. There is a couple of changes from the current Academic Calendar which all students should take note and here they are:

When does the Semester begin?

It’s important to be aware that the new semester starts at the later date of 17th September. This is to allow time for the correction of the Supplemental Exams which are taking place in mid-August in order that the results are available as soon as the semester restarts. The availability of timetables is being discussed now and would expect them to be out sooner than last year as the issues which plagued the system should now been resolved.

Is Review Week the same for everyone?

Normally Review Week in Semester 1 takes place from 29th October but some courses set them later in the semester to allow time for further revision for students. Please check your Student Handbook for when exactly your Review Week takes place in your School and note that it may be different also for Semester 2. If you can’t find the information or you’re unsure, contact your School.

When are Christmas Exams?

This part is very different from previous years as you can see that Exams will now take place after the Christmas break. The exception is that Schools will have to seek permission from their College and Academic Council if they wish to hold exams on Week 17th December and this will be known once the Exam Timetable becomes available within the 4 week notice requirement. Otherwise, as it states, that week before Christmas may be used for further assessment or else use the opportunity to study in the library.

Speaking of Library?

Unlike previous years and through successful lobbying, no exams will take place on Week 31st December which means you can enjoy your New Year’s a bit more! This is in line with DITSU Student Council Policy that libraries will be fully open from 2nd January which allows time for you to study before exams start the following week.

Release of Results

Normally results of Semester 1 examinations are not available to students if they have not paid their second installment of fees by the Institute’s 31st January deadline. The result being and I’ve raised this issue at Academic Council; that all students even if they’ve paid their fees are still not allowed access to their results in a timely fashion due to the system the college uses. It is the stance of the Students’ Union that students should receive their results in a timely manner and I’ll be working with the Director of Student Development and Examinations Office to ensure this doesn’t arise as an issue next year.

If you have any queries in regards to the new Academic Calendar or anything related to your education, please don’t hesitate to contact me at education@ditsu.ie.

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