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Class Rep Training 2017

I’m Pierre Yimbog; Vice President for Education and full time elected officer looking after all your educational needs in DIT and what a first semester it has been. I’m the representative voice on the many boards and committees and work on policies that help to ensure DIT provide the best learning experience to students.

The following are some of the key events that took place over the semester:

  1. Class Rep Recruitment kicked off in the first week of term and this forms a massive part of the Union to ensure every class has a voice. If your class doesn’t have a Class Rep or one that we’re not aware of, please get in touch immediately!
  2. The overnight Class Rep Training took place on 13th October in Newgrange Lodge where
    My Right Campaign

    Class Reps we’re trained with key skills to assist them in their role for the coming year. Another Class Rep event took place later in November so that Class Reps could network with other reps and assist us in planning the rest of the year’s activities that caters to their needs.

  3. School Rep Recruitment is still underway to ensure Class Reps within every School has a voice and act as link between those Class Reps and the elected officers in Student Council. Training took place in November and there are still positions available for School of Multi-Disciplinary Technologies, Surveying and Construction Management, School of Management and Graduate Business School.
  4. My Rights Campaign involved me going around the 7 campuses explaining to students their rights and entitlements under the DIT Student Charter.
  5. Through the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), we held four National Student Engagement Programme (NStEP) training’s over the month of November across the four Colleges so that first time Class Reps could get added training to support in their role for the year.
  6. We also hosted the Mature Students Seminar with USI in Grangegorman which saw mature students from around the country, including our own Mature Student Society, come for the day to learn key skills and network.
  7. I’ve been involved in the review of Webcourses as the licence for Blackboard is nearly up and there are plenty of opportunities for students to feed into what features they want to see added that can improve their learning experience.
  8. The final parts of Semester 1 involve encouraging students to fill out the Student Feedback Form (Q6 form) for modules which end this semester to give feedback on how their module was delivered by their lecturer.

The following are some of the events and campaigns I’m looking to hold in the second semester which I need as much student involvement:

  • NStEP Institutional Analysis
  • Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE)
  • Postgraduate Survey
  • UpSkills Campaign
  • School Rep Elections

Thanks to all those who have gotten involved in the Union in the first semester and I look forward to next semester to continue the momentum and engagement.

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