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HELLO ALL! My name is Jess Morris and I am the College Officer for Cathal Brugha St! I hope Semester 1 was as fun and exciting for you guys as it was for me! I can’t believe how fast it has gone already and we’re nearly at Christmas break! Here are just a couple of updates and some information about what has been happening in the Brugha during Semester 1!

We started off Fresher’s Week with a big bang and we had two really successful events! Our Tie Dye Workshop went so well and students were dying everything from lab coats to chef gear! The college was super colourful the next week when all of you wore your newly dyed gear back in!

We then had our first Donut Eating competition of the year, which was a lot more difficult than you think! Donuts? YUM. 10 Donuts? GREAT. With 3 mars bars? Em okay… and a pint of milk? VOM! But all the contestants really went for it, but the crown was won by a Brugha student!

If you guys ever have any ideas for events you want, please message me and let me know!

We then had our first Class Rep Meeting of the year, where the newly elected Class Reps got to meet each other and also learn about how our meetings for the year were going to run! We did a few ice breakers and everyone felt a bit less formal by the end of the meeting which is something we hope sticks for the year!

In our Class Rep meetings we have discussed things like exam results, assignments, programme chair meetings and broken facilities around the campus! We also invited in Catherine Cooke from the Library and Darragh Power from Estates, who both gave the Reps a bit of info on themselves and their department, and also a little Q&A session!

Moving swiftly on to Halloween! We had a Halloween movie day in the Brugha SU with some free goodies and scary movies! We also ran a Haunted Walking tour of Grangegorman and a Zombie Hide & Seek which both went really well and got loads of students up to see the new campus!

November started off warm and is ending absolutely freeeeezing! November is always a difficult month, with exams looming and assignments all due, so we got Pierre down to the Brugha with free tea and coffee and information about Your Rights as a student here in DIT! We also got Roisin down for Mini Shag (lol) to hand out free condoms and information about safe sex! Information is key and we want to make sure that you guys are always informed, whether that is about your rights or about sex!

We are now at the end of November, and finally onto CHRISTMAS MONTH or as other people like to call it, December! The SU is decked out with a tree and lights and tinsel, making the place sparkle a bit more so do pop down and watch Elf or The Santa Clause and get in the Christmassy mood! I will be running a little Christmas Day event on the 11th of December, handing out free tea, coffee and hot chocolate and also some mince pies too! Catch me in Marlboro St and then head down to the SU to get cosy and watch some Christmas films! I’ll also be running a Christmas Giveaway with some essential winter goodies on the Facebook page!

But most importantly pals, take care of yourselves and each other around this time of the year and give back as much as you can! Christmas is a special time but not everyone has a good time so do reach out to your pals and make sure you all keep in contact over the break! Semester 2 is going to fly and there will be LOTS on so make sure to attend the events and keep an eye out!

I wish you all the best of luck with exams and also a very Merry Christmas!

Please don’t ever be afraid to get in contact with me in the office or over email;!

Peace & Love,

Jess xo

p.s. here’s a cute Christmassy pic to brighten up this dark winter xo


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