The Immature Mature Student: Graduation Day


This will probably be my final post for DITSUNews for the time being as I’m currently putting the finishes touches to my thesis. My time at DIT has flown by and feels like the inductions were only yesterday. What’s directly ahead of me has absolutely nothing to do with academia or working. This summer I’ll be interrailing while looking for a job (so I tell myself). I will also be applying for a Masters in DIT, I’m hoping I can still write for DITSUNews, but I don’t think I count as a Mature Student if I’m doing a Master’

Looking back on the past three years, do I regret anything? Not at all. I would have liked to be more involved in societies. I joined one at the start of this year and never went. Shout out to the Harry Potter Society! I’m a Slytherin by the way. Another thing I probably should have done was start assignments earlier but I don’t know anyone that does that or how they do that. Please tell me your secrets. I would have also chosen an easier or more accessible Thesis topic so I didn’t stress out the Librarians all the time and myself. My topic for Thesis is related to Korean art if you’re curious and I do love it no matter how much pain it causes me.

With everything coming to end there is a lot that I cannot wait to be rid of but more than I won’t want to let go of come graduation day. Finishing this degree is turning out to be scarier than starting it was and not just for me. Fortunately, this degree has given me skills that have prepared me for life on the other side. As I said before there is a lot you can learn outside of academia but there are some things you pick up in here that you can’t learn anywhere else. At least they’re applicable in life unlike Maths was in secondary school … unless your degree is in Maths, you wizard you. I’m glad I’ve learned new things and gotten over fears of things like giving presentations but now there is a new thing we must start doing and that is networking. With this new and immediate challenge, that nobody is prepared for in the slightest, I have found that connections I have made in my course will help me on the way, my lovely friend Rebecca, who is also my colleague you could say, that runs a blog with me is also facing this new monster alongside me and the fact that I have overcome other obstacles, with the skills I have learned during this course, I know I’ll figure it out in the end.

There are 12 days left in BAVACS as of the 1st of May 2017 and there are 3 deadlines looming. The relief when they’re all reached is going to be amazing but also sad because it means there is no more left do it. It’s all in the hands of the examiners now. For any other mature students out there, non-trads and traditional students in DIT and elsewhere I hope you had as fantastic a time as I did, if you are also graduating this year and if you’re not. If you’re still here I hope you don’t give up, especially before you start.

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